Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DPDC Recruits Precinct Representatives from Addison, Wayne Townships

By Catherine Sewell

We now have three new precinct representatives—two from Addison Township and one from Wayne Township--thanks to the hard work of phone banking volunteers.

The new Precinct Representatives were recruited at our July 8th meeting of phone bank volunteers and people they’ve contacted. Each week volunteers meet at headquarters to contact local Dems and talk one-to-one about electing Democrats in 2012. We then set up a monthly time to get together. These “meet and greet” sessions allow for personal interaction between the phone banking volunteers and those they’ve contacted. Each person contacted is offered the newsletter and more information about the DPDC. This connection spreads the word about our events and helps spur more much-needed volunteer involvement.

Don’t wait for the phone bank volunteers to call you! We need your help now in getting Dems elected in 2012! Remember the November elections in 2010 and realize what is at stake for our country. Call me at 630-629-1125 for details on how you can become a Precinct Representative, too.

Best wishes,


Catherine D. Sewell is First Vice-Chair, Democratic Party of DuPage County. She and her husband, John Sewell, have lived in Villa Park for 35 years. Their daughter, Margaret, lives in Elmhurst.

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