Thursday, July 31, 2014

Sandy G Private Investigator Hunts down the Real Rauners

It can't be both ways - which is it?
researched by Sandy Gresak
I wanted to learn more about Bruce Rauner's wife, Dr. Diana Mendley Rauner. Through my research I came across this website:

The Rauners Love Funding Democrats and the Pro-Abortion

You can learn a lot about the values and passion of individuals by where they place their donations. Bruce Rauner, and his wife, Diana Mendley Rauner, have given ...

Although it was posted in 7/25/2013 I thought it was worth reading and this is what I saw when I tried to open the site: "IT IS A PROTECTED BLOG SITE" is marked private by its owner. If you were invited to view this site, please log in below. Read more about privacy settings.
And then I found this article:

Bruce Rauner's Wife Says She Is a Democrat , But Mostly Gives To GOP Candidates | The Huffington Post | By Samantha Lachman
 To Read More:

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