Friday, July 11, 2014

16 year old makes it easy to Follow The Money

Not old enough to vote, 16-year-old builds money-in-politics plug-in  

Nick Rubin was 10 days into a month-long high school trip to China when he decided to come home this week.
And not because he was homesick or got sick of dumplings.
The 16-year-old of Seattle spent the better part of the last year building a database of members of Congress and their campaign contributors. It went live in June, and began generating considerable buzz online. He wanted to be stateside to help promote it.
Here’s how it works: Once you download his plug-in, ( )which he called “Greenhouse,” you can hover your mouse over any member of Congress’s name that shows up in any online story and a pop-up scorecard appears...
To Read More: Correction: An earlier version of this story inaccurately reported Nick’s last name. The story has been corrected.

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