Monday, October 31, 2011

Poll shows four Illinois GOP congressmen in re-election trouble

From Greg Hinz On Politics. Note our own Judy Biggert is one of the four.

Poll shows four Illinois GOP congressmen in re-election trouble
October 27, 2011

Take it with a pound of salt, or maybe two. But a new poll commissioned by Washington Democrats shows four incumbent Republican congressmen from Illinois in some political trouble.

The poll sponsored by the House Majority PAC found that only 42% of those surveyed in the north suburban 10th District want to re-elect Winnetka's Robert Dold, and 50% want a change. Just 35% have a favorable opinion of Republicans in Congress.

The numbers are similar with U.S. Rep. Judy Biggert, R-Hinsdale: 52% want a new congressman. But the figures are south of there for Reps. Tim Johnson of Sidney, who gets a 33% re-elect, and Bobby Schilling of Moline, at 39%.

The survey of roughly 600 voters in each of the districts was conducted by Public Policy Polling. The firm generally works for Democrats and left-of-center groups. But it also has a reputation of calling it the way it sees it, for instance recently reporting that embattled Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, has significantly boosted his odds of surviving any recall move.

Perhaps more significant, this poll comes after a series of others by other organizations that show Democrats have taken a small lead over Republicans nationally on a generic "who should run Congress?" survey.

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director

Friday, October 28, 2011

A Little Levity: Jim Hightower on Rick Perry's Million Texas Jobs

"You could go out here to where I am in Austin, Texas, to any restaurant or cafe or bar and say to a waitress, did you know Rick Perry's created a million jobs in Texas? And she'll say, yes, I know, I have three of them."' -- Jim Hightower, former Texas Agriculture Commissioner (and one of five liberals left in the Lone Star State)

Like Overtime Pay, Minimum Wage, Women's Vote? Thank Democrats

So today we're being told that Obama's healthcare plan is losing support. Well, let's remember, at least HE HAD ONE. As a matter of fact, many, if not most, of the ideas that have made our country great came from the Democratic side of the aisle, even if not as whole cloth at first.

Let's commit a short list of these to memory for the next time someone starts being snide about politics and Democrats in particular. Maybe they have even benefited from one or two of these programs:

• Women's Suffrage Amendment
• Securities and Exchange Act
• Social Security Act
• Unemployment compensation
• Rural Electrification Act
• Federal Home Loan Program
• Minimum Wage
• Overtime
That's a mouthful. Watch for Part 2 of this list next week.

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Meet Carole Cheney This Sunday In Aurora

Carole Cheney, Democratic candidate for State Representative in the District 84, invites all to join her and fellow supporters for Coffee and Canvassing on Sunday, October 30th at 1 pm at Panera Bread (740 North Route 59, Aurora, IL). Note: there is no Bears game that day, so no excuse not to support Carole.

After coffee, Cheney notes, "we'll knock on doors to collect signatures for me to get on the ballot so that I can serve you as the State Representative for District 84. Together, we can help stop the waste and mismanagement in Springfield."

Visit Cheney's website for more information.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Register Now for Democratic Party of DuPage County Unity Reception

As we discovered in 2008 when we elected Barack Obama by double digits in DuPage (the formerly bloody red heart of America), our strength is in our unity. As we watch the Republicans claw at each other for the dubious position of running against the President, we see how unproductive, nay DESTRUCTIVE, that kind of carping is to the fabric of the party. While I am happy to have them continue that kind of behavior ad infinitum, we know a better way.

On Sunday, Nov 20th, Democrats in DuPage will show that, with civility, we can contend for the rights to run for office even among our Democratic peers. Yes, there may be a contrast of ideas from which voters can choose, but negative swiping just produces a disenfranchised, disgusted mass of non-voters.

Please support our Nov 20th Unity reception at Monty's Banquets in Bensenville. Capacity is limited to 200 people so please send your check for $20 to DPDC. Your money only covers costs of the event. This is a party, not a fundraiser!

DPDC Unity Reception
P.O. Box 185
Lombard IL 60148

Charges at the door will be higher, if there is even any seating left. Read on for more details:

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where: Monty's Banquets
               703 York Rd Bensenville

Time:    6:30 p.m. Registration and Cash Bar
              7:30 p.m. Introductions and Guest Speakers
         8:00 p.m. Congressional Candidates
         8:30 p.m. Networking 
Cost:     $20 Appetizers and coffee will be served.

Invited Guests 

Senator Dick Durbin
Governor Pat Quinn
Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky
Congressman Danny Davis
Congressman Luis Guitierrez
Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr
Congressman Jerry Costello
Congressman Daniel Lipinski
Congressman Bobby Rush

Congressional  Candidates 

Congressman Mike Quigley
Bill Foster
Juan Thomas
Raja Krishnamoorthi
Tammy Duckworth
Frank McClatchey
Dennis Anderson
Geoffrey Petzel
Maureen Yates
Leslie Coolidge

Please send your check made out to DPDC to:
DPDC, Unity Reception
P.O. Box 185
Lombard IL 60148

Please postmark checks by November 15th to assure smooth registration. Call 630-629-1125 if you have any questions. Thanks. We look forward to seeing a very buoyant and UNITED crowd at Monty's!

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What does 99% mean to you?

We're getting lots of solicitations to support a range of progressive causes tied to, sometimes rather loosely, the Occupy movement. A recent one asked this writer to "stand with the 99%" by signing the petition, but didn't detail what standing with the 99% really means. So, what does standing with the 99% mean to you?

DPDC Blog Editor

Friday, October 21, 2011

High-Speed Rail Public Meetings Set for Next Week

Illinois Department of Transportation has set public meetings on high-speed rail between St. Louis and Chicago. All meetings are from 4 to 7 p.m. (come and go).

* Springfield: Monday; Prairie Capital Convention Center, 1 Convention Center Plaza

* Joliet: Tuesday, Oct. 25; Jacob Henry Mansion, Victorian Ballroom, 15 S. Richards St.

* Bloomington:  Thursday, Oct. 27: Double Tree Hotel, 10 Brickyard Drive

* Carlinville: Wednesday, Nov. 2; Blackburn College, Woodson Center, 700 College Ave.

* Alton:  Thursday, Nov. 3; Holiday Inn Ballroom, 3800 Homer Adams Parkway

For more information, go here.

The public meetings regard drafting of an environmental impact statement for the Chicago - St. Louis corridor. This environmental impact statement deals with double tracking the Union Pacific Railroad south of Joliet and making other improvements north of Joliet to reduce transit times.  The goal for this project is a four hour trip time, with 9 daily round-trips.  The planning for 220-mph trains, which will result in a 2 hour trip, is being handled separately.

It is very important that we show our support for the State's high-speed rail program. Please consider attending one of the meetings listed above. There will be an opportunity at the meetings for you to make a statement expressing your support.

Biggert Mailing Twists Facts about Obama Medicare Plan

Judy Biggert's recent mailing claiming the administration's plan will "balance the budget on the backs of seniors" is, not surprisingly, based on distortions. Biggert's mailing is based on projections made by the conservative American Action Network. The assumptions have been disputed by many organizations, as reported August 4 by

Congresswoman Biggert encourages constituents to call her. So, do it! Call her and tell her to stop relying on dubious reports from organizations with an axe to grind. Tell her to stop twisting the truth. Here's her number: 1-866-644-5729. 

Occupy Naperville Holding Protest Saturday, October 22. That's tomorrow!

Have you been looking for a very local Occupy event? Occupy Naperville will be holding a protest march from Washington Street and Ogden Avenue south to Jefferson Avenue and Main Street. The gathering begins at 10 a.m. Check out the full story at Naperville Patch.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Will You Make A Difference? You Can This Saturday

This Saturday, Giving DuPage, Whole Foods Market and the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce are joining forces to help make a difference for a number of local non-profit organizations. Bring your donations to the Naperville Whole Foods at 75th and Route 59 beginning at 9 am. Members of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce will be loading the donations onto trucks. Everything from food to power tools is needed, so there's bound to be something you can donate. Read all about it at Naperville Patch.

Democrats United Reception Confirmed for Sunday, November 20

Our Democrats United Reception has been confirmed for Sunday November 20, 7:00 p.m at Monty's Banquets in Bensenville. Registration starts at 6:30 p.m.

Confirmed congressional candidates attending, thus far, are: 8th - Raja Krishnamoorthi & Tammy Duckworth; 11th - Bill Foster & Juan Thomas; 14th - Frank McClatchey & Dennis Anderson. Geoffrey Petzel is attending as a candidate from the 6th district.  We also expect Congressman Mike Quigley (5th) to be there. Other invited guests include Senator Durbin, Governor Quinn, Lt. Gov. Simon, Atty General Lisa Madigan, Sect of State Jess White, Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, Congressmen Danny Davis, Luis Gutierrez, Daniel Lipinski, Bobby Rush, Jerry Costello, & Jesse Jackson Jr.

Tickets are $20 & include an appetizer buffet and coffee. We expect tickets to sell fast and capacity will be limited  so please send your check in today. Make it out to DPDC and send to our office:
P.O. Box 185
Lombard 60148

Call us at 630-629-1125 if you have any questions and your message will be returned.
Formerly "Red" DuPage will play a pivotal leadership role in framing 2012 races. You do not want to miss this event.

Bob Peickert

DPDC Debuts Campaign Strategy Committee

This is a frenzied time of year when everyone is running around getting signatures for as many candidates as they can. For that fall energy, we offer our great appreciation!

Nonetheless, in reality, the Democratic Party of DuPage County must husband their resources as wisely as possible, putting the most resources toward the races most likely to be "contenders," as Marlon Brando would say. That is why, for the first time, we have a Campaign Strategy Committee, headed by Greg Hose.

Of course, everyone has an opinion about whom they would like to see win--or be defeated--but not every race is equal regardless of how deep the feelings run in favor of or against a particular candidate. If you have an idea or concern about the candidate(s) in a particular race, give us a call and we will get you in touch with the CSC. In the meantime, thank you for all you are doing to get Dem candidates on the ballot and if you know anyone who would still like to run, there are nearly two months left to gather necessary signatures, so have them contact us as well.

Happy Petitioning,
Amy Rohrer
Executive Director

Rich Miller of Capitol Fax weighs in on Axlerod and the 8th Congressional race

On Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011, Miller wrote about a fundraising letter signed by David Axelrod. Here, in part, is what he wrote:

"There’s no doubt that Tammy Duckworth is a war hero who has given a lot for her country. I, for one, am in awe of her service and her toughness. But this fundraising e-mail from David Axelrod kinda rubs me the wrong way. Emphasis is in the original
Like you, I can’t wait to see Tammy Duckworth walk down the aisle on those titanium legs and stand in the well of the U.S. House, a woman with a spine of steel who has always done her duty, exhorting the Republicans in Congress to do theirs.

That’s a bit much, if you ask me, but nobody did."

Check out Miller's Sept. 28 post here.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Student Loan Forgiveness Day is tomorrow

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow, Saturday October 15th, is the Forgive Student Loan Debt National Day of Action where I'm asking anyone and everyone concerned with the issue of exorbitant student loan debt to join up with their local Occupy protests happening all across the country and to make your voices heard!

To find your local Occupy protests, please click here:


Robert Appelbaum

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Join Occupy Protests For Forgiving Student Loan Debt

Hundreds of "Occupy" events are happening across the country this Saturday, October 15th.  One of the number one complaints amongst the various protesters has been overwhelming, economically-crushing, student loan debt.  This is a moment in history for all of us to make our voices heard and to draw even greater attention to the ever-growing crisis of student loan debt.

Show solidarity with the protesters by attending an "Occupy" event near you this Saturday, October 15th, and to do something visual and creative regarding your own student loan debt burden.

Click here to find an event near you:

And click here for more information about the economic benefits of forgiving student loan debt.

Robert Applebaum
(the above is based on a letter received from

New "Occupy" Group Forms in Aurora

A new group, Occupy Together, is forming in and for Aurora.

Information can be found here:

All the best, if you work and vote for it,

Dan Stafford

DuPage Chairman Cronin Insinuates Election Commission Problematic

A "miscommunication” is being blamed for the DuPage Election Commission missing a deadline to submit information to the county about the way it operates. County Board Chairman Dan Cronin gave two dozen independent boards and commissions that he appoints until Friday, September 30 to submit copies of their budgets, ethics policies, personnel policies, bylaws and other documents. On Monday morning, October 3, Cronin issued a statement expressing his displeasure over the fact that the election commission and the North Westmont Fire Protection District both missed the deadline.

“We've asked for very basic information that should be readily available to anyone,” Cronin said. “Their failure to comply — or even respond to the request — raises more questions than it answers.” But by the afternoon, the election commission's Executive Director Bob Saar said the reason the information wasn't sent was a “miscommunication” with his staff before he went out of town. “They thought I wanted to review it,” Saar said. “I told them that I didn't. They will have it in to the chairman by the end of the day.” Saar said the election commission welcomes the review by Cronin, which was prompted by financial scandals involving the DuPage Housing Authority and the DuPage Water Commission.”

Read the article in the Daily Herald for more.

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director,

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Naperville Township Democrats Social Meeting this Thursday Evening

The Naperville Township Democratic Organization (NTDO) invites you to join them for their monthly Social Dinner. This month's meeting is at 7 p.m., Thursday, October 13 (that's tomorrow!) at Naf Naf Grill, 1739 Freedom Drive in Naperville. NTDO serves the people of Aurora, Naperville, Eola and Warrenville. Get complete details at the NTDO blog

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chicago "Occupy" Group at Forefront in Issuing Demands

While Occupy Wall Street has gotten a lot of publicity, it has been criticized for being slim on demands. Chicago's spinoff organization, appropriately named "Occupy Chicago," is among the first of the "Occupy" groups to produce a list of demands. Repealing the Bush Tax cuts and "prosecuting Wall Street criminals" are among the demands the group has adopted. Read all about it here in the Online WSJ.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Free tonight? Get Free Pizza and watch Da Bears with Da Young Dems

Monday, October 10, 6-9pm
Anyway's Chicago Grill Bar
5 E Roosevelt Rd, Oak Brook Terrace

Join us for an informative and entertaining night with the DuPage Young Democrats! We will start at 6pm with a short general meeting followed by a 1hr candidate forum! That would be the end of the night for most Democratic organizations, but it's still early for the Young Dems so we plan to stay and watch the Bears beat up on the Detroit Lions!

Free light pizza and pop is included! Please RSVP early as we are limited to 40 people. For more details:

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Redistricting maps for all to see!

Have you been wondering if your state representative has changed since Illinois redrew the district maps last spring?  Are you tired of trying to navigate the GIS map of the new district maps on the Illinois House Democrat webpage?  Well those days are over!  Now you can look up your address easily and conveniently on a new interactive map that shows the new State House, State Senate, and US Congressional districts.  Find out if anything has changed about your district, what communities are included in it and be more informed about who you'll see on your ballot next election season.

Keep in mind, there are still 3 lawsuits pending currently about these new maps.  So you'll have to stay tuned to make sure nothing changes.  But for now, this is your new district! Learn it! Love it!

Here's an article in the State-Journal Register about the new interactive map. And here's a direct link to the map itself.

Brenna Conway
Assoc. Executive Director

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Want straight talk on Social Security? Get answers from Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders live this Thursday

Well, talk doesn't get ANY straighter than this. I know because I have asked Senator Sanders in person about some of the rumors and misinformation going around.

Please join me for Democracy for America Live on Thursday, October 6, at 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Hear Senator Sanders, perhaps the only truly independent voice in the Congress, speak the truth about the issues surrounding Social Security.

Arm yourself with answers for fall cocktail parties and bonfires. Be prepared to gently re-inform those you meet at the doors when getting petitions.

Register here for this important event. Just provide DFA with the best number to reach you and they'll call you on Thursday night to join the conference call with Sen. Sanders. Couldn't be easier to get the straight scoop.

Join us! Protecting the middle class is what we do! (pssst....that's you!)

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jim Hightower, America's #1 Political Populist in Chicago!

During the heart of the petition drive, we could all use a little rallying cry and our friends in the 10th district are providing just that. Come hear Jim Hightower (free--though I am sure a small user fee would be appreciated)THIS SUNDAY Oct 9th from 2-4 in Northbrook. Click here to sign up for the event and here to read more about Jim Hightower's latest thoughts on most everything liberal!

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director