Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DuPage Dems Attend Indo-American Democratic Organization Dinner

Sunday September 25th, members of the DPDC including the Chair, Bob Peickert, and the Executive Director, Amy Rohrer, attended the 32nd Annual Indo-American Democratic Organization Dinner at the North Shore Holiday Inn in Skokie.

This is the second year we have attended to honor the growing community of Indian and Pakistani Americans who have heard and heeded the Democratic message in DuPage and Chicago. We have an Indian-American candidate, Raja Krishnamoorthi, in the 8th Congressional District, which now falls largely in DuPage County and is a sure winner in the fall because the Republican opponent is an unknown entity. The district’s incumbent, Joe Walsh, has chosen to run in another district and has a Republican challenger there.

Please watch for more news and photos of this wonderful event in the e-blast at the end of the week.

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director
Democratic Party of DuPage

Friday, September 23, 2011

Postal workers band together across multiple unions to save the US Postal Service

Rallies are being held in every congressional district nationwide to save the postal service from draconian cuts without new taxes or layoffs.

See this important story here: http://www.apwu.org/news/nsb/2011/nsb20-110908-sept27rallies.htm

Dan Stafford

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Naperville Democrats' Vice Chair Enters Primary for New 84th District

Carol Cheney, vice chair of the Naperville Democrats has entered the race for the 84th District. The newly created district includes portions of Naperville and Aurora. There is no incumbent. Read the entire story at www.naperville.patch.com.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hinsdale Central Students Help out DuPage Democrats!

Five students from the Advanced Placement Government class at Hinsdale Central High School have joined the DuPage Democrats this fall to complete a class assignment about political activity.  The students are required to spend 8 hours working with a political party to learn about the process and about government at all levels.  They'll be working to help us with some research for the upcoming county board races.  We're in the office every Wednesday night from 7pm-8:30.  Stop by and say hello!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Why A Heterosexual Married North Carolinian Cares about Gay Marriage

This is a great read in response to North Carolina's recent vote to put a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage on the ballot. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post (not the comments) to see the graphic that accompanies it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Get it off your chest!

Got something stuck in your craw about the way things are going politically, economically, locally, nationally? We'd love to hear what you have to say. Become a guest blogger to DPDC.

Drop us a line about what you'd like to write and we'll talking (well, probably email, actually) about a guest blog spot on the DPDC blog. Email Editor Janice Lindegard at jmlindy422@gmail.com.

Truthout: Conservative War On Workers Continues With Gutting Of Labor Board...

Conservatives in the U.S. House are trying to re-write labor laws right in the middle of on-going disputes. Read the news here: http://www.truth-out.org/conservative-war-workers-continues-gutting-labor-board/1316195260

All the best, if you work and vote for it,

Dan Stafford
PC - York 112th Precinct

Friday, September 16, 2011

Mr. Postman! Deliver this letter to Rick Perry!

By Walt Zlotow

Dear Gov. Perry,

I have been contributing a small portion of my earnings into Social Security since 1961. Even then, this 16-year-old understood Social Security was a savior to millions of Americans since 1935, when working people literally died from being destitute in a heartless society ravaged by the Great Depression. I realized that while I may not be that needy fifty years down the road, it was comforting to know that it would be there for me, my family, friends; indeed, all my follow workers.

After 50 years of contributing, I began receiving a monthly Social Security check that I know is secure until at least 2037, and on to forever with just a modest effort by wise leaders. It is tragic that you choose not to possess the wisdom to qualify as one of those potential leaders.

Governor, even though Uncle Sam is keeping score on how much I've contributed, I am not. If I drop dead tomorrow, recovering barely a pittance of what I've contributed, it concerns me not the least. My excess contributions will go toward benefiting all workers by keeping the system solvent. That is called protecting The Commons, a concept you apparently have been unable to grasp in all your 61 years.

You may double down on your ludicrous charge that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme all you want. It clearly demonstrates that while your last name is not Ponzi, your Presidential candidacy is merely a scheme . . .designed to take from the needy to further enrich the already rich.

Walt Zlotow of Glen Ellyn is the Precinct Coordinator for the Milton Township Democrats and a long time burr in Rep Peter Roskam's saddle. He can be reached at 630-858-3419.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

An Eye-Opening Look at Post 9/11 Security

Susan N Herman, president of the ACLU, explains through a series of gripping episodes the story of ordinary Americans losing basic constitutional liberties in the post-9/11 world through blacklists, watchlists, uncontrolled surveillance and supersized criminal laws.

Taking Liberties: the War on Terror and the Erosion of Democracy
Susan N Herman

Just now available at Amazon.com
Amy Rohrer
Executive Director,

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky's husband, Bob Creamer, strategist and author, weighs in on Obama's JOBS speech

President Obama's speech to Congress reset the political battle lines and put Progressives back on the offensive.

The speech included provisions that Republicans in Congress may actually agree to pass -- like continuing the payroll tax holiday that if allowed to lapse would affect the paychecks of virtually every American worker. But it also made the case for bold initiatives to rebuild America's infrastructure and directly create jobs through a teacher corps and youth jobs program. These bolder proposals are critically necessary to jump start the economy, and Obama is betting -- correctly -- that if they fail to support them, Republicans will pay a political price next year.

What was needed was a package of proposals that were bold, projected urgency, and will create jobs now. The president delivered.

Click here to read more.

Robert Creamer is a long-time political organizer and strategist, and author of the book: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win, available on Amazon.com. He is a partner in Democracy Partners. Follow him on Twitter @rbcreamer.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I'm The Same Me I've Always Been; An American Muslim On 9/11 Legacy

By Aliya Husain

No doubt September 11 changed the attitudes and lives of most Americans, but for me—and many like me—it was a change unlike that of the common American. On September 11, 2001, I learned what it means to feel truly sick to my stomach. My insides felt as if they were being wrung dry and the acids in my belly were ready to spill over and out of my mouth. I can pinpoint when that gut-wrenching sensation occurred within me; it was exactly when I realized the first tower fell.

As my nausea began to overwhelm me, I felt an intense throbbing in my heart and the sensation of brain combustion at the next thought that crept into my head. “Please, God, please,” I thought. “Let this not be an act brought on by Muslims.”

Why, you wonder, did I think that, of all things, at that moment of indelible historical significance? Because I am an American Muslim—one whose life has changed since 9/11/01.

Since that day, I am no longer considered all the things I always was and, in my heart, always will be. The majority of Americans no longer see me for who I truly am. I can no longer be seen as patriotic, or trustworthy, or even normal. My actions and intentions are scrutinized and questioned. My modest dress is now a statement of defiance against America or a symbol of suppression when, in fact, it is neither. It’s the same me I have always been.

I can no longer attend an Independence Day parade without being the target of vile stares and snide remarks, when all I want to do is celebrate the birthday of my homeland. It’s the same me I have always been.

I can’t go shopping with my daughter at the local mall without having at least one person shake their head in disgust upon seeing us . . .but it’s the same me I have always been.

I feel the pain and anger that most do about what took place on 9/11, in fact maybe more than most. After all, I was born in NY—and those two towers were representative of my native land. The symbols of my birthplace no longer exist. The thousands of people who lost their lives that day were my people. They were my fellow New Yorkers, my fellow Americans, and my fellow brothers and sisters in humanity.

I feel a deep connection to the intense loss of the people of NYC yet few can understand that. I feel not just anger towards the murderers of 9/11 but I also feel resentment. Not only did they kill so many innocent people, they have put me and thousands of other America Muslims in a hellish place where we are always fighting to prove ourselves and our love for our country. My children, who are third generation Americans, are going to be viewed through a different lens because of those heinous acts.

We, the American Muslims, are struggling. Struggling to live our lives in a normal manner in a most abnormal situation. Striving to be Americans, yet being viewed as un-American or, worse yet, anti-American. Yet, there is nothing further from the truth. It’s me—the same me I have always been—a proud American Muslim.

Aliya Husain is a writer and educator. She lives in Lisle with her husband and their three children. Her novel, "Neither This Nor That," of a young girl growing up American Muslim, is available through Amazon.com.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Join Active Transporation Alliance; Get a chance to win a $100 Gift Card

Dear DuPage Democrats,

In addition to my role here with DuPage Democrats, I also work with Active Transportation Alliance to improve transit in our region. I can tell you the DuPage is very important to this new rider group and to advancing transit in our region. It is our legislators from here in the suburbs that hold significant power in determining how transit funding is determined. Our local elected officials also have the choice to make transit a priority.

Please take a minute to join this group. Help us by telling our elected officials that transit is important to our region.

Brenna Conway
Associate Executive Director

Active Trans launches new Riders for Better Transit initiative
Do you ride transit? Would you ride transit?
Active Transportation Alliance is kicking off a new project called Riders for Better Transit to represent the needs of Chicagoland transit riders like you. How would you like to see transit in our region improved? Help Riders for Better Transit achieve transit reforms that matter to riders by telling us what issues are most important to you.

Take the survey at
www.ridersforbettertransit.org by September 30th and be entered into a raffle to receive a $100 gift card!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Be The Oracle

by Janice Lindegard

Maybe it’s because I’m a teacher, but I just can’t let ignorance go unchecked. Recently, a rant about the Pledge of Allegiance has been making the Facebook rounds, claiming that children are not allowed to say the Pledge. Well, that is just not true. In fact, most of the court cases that involve the Pledge were brought to protect a child’s right NOT to say it.

I hear “nearly half of Americans didn’t pay income tax.” That’s because many of those people don’t have enough money to tax. Others, mostly middle class families (defined as a family of four living on $50,000) used their legal deductions, available to everyone, and tax credits available to the unemployed, to lower their liability. They still paid into Medicare and Social Security.

One of my favorites is “Medicare is free.” Do these people look at their pay stubs? My husband paid into Medicare for nearly 50 years, but our insurance bill increased when he went on Medicare this year. How is that free?

Frequently when I counter ignorance with fact, I hear, “Well, you know more about it than I do.” Good. Then, they start turning to me for my take on the issues. Better. Often, they change their minds. Best.

Too many Americans are too uninformed about the issues. Get informed. Speak up. Be your community’s oracle.

Janice Lindegard is a writer and educator living in Naperville and the editor of this blog.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DPDC Supports Senator Bernie Sanders Re-election; Tickets On Sale Now for September 17 Fundraiser

DPDC Chair Bob Peickert was asked by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign to serve on the Host Committee for a fundraiser for Senator Sanders to be held Saturday, September 17 in Evanston.

Senator Sanders was elected as an Independent in 2006 but caucuses with the Democratic Party. Mr. Sanders received the endorsement of Senator Chuck Schumer, Chair of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. He was also endorsed by Senator Harry Reid, Governor Howard Dean and then-Senator Barack Obama, who campaigned for him in Vermont.

Senator Sanders is a frequent guest on WCPT and on MSNBC. He is an outspoken supporter of single-payer health care, Social Security and Medicare and is a strong voice for the working class. In December of 2010, he gave an 8 1/2 hour speech in opposition to the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy.

We hope to have Senator Sanders as our keynote speaker at our February Gala, and we hope to send him a message by having a good showing at his fundraiser. Several of us will be attending on behalf of the Democratic Party of DuPage County. Everyone is asked to purchase his own ticket. The DPDC will not be funding this event. If you are interested, tickets are $250, $500 or $1,000. Please contact Chairman Peickert if you would like to attend at 630-421-2405.

Amy Rohrer

Executive Director,

Democratic Party of DuPage

Monday, September 5, 2011

What does MLK have to do with Labor Day?

The MLK Memorial celebration scheduled for the weekend of August 27-28 was canceled due to Hurricane Irene sweeping through the DC area.

On thinking of Dr. King, it occurred to me that his last effort prior to his death, and the reason he was in Memphis, was to support workers and the unions. He was to give a speech to workers the evening he was assassinated in 1968.

Dr. King was the second hero of social justice to fall after President Kennedy, and two months later in June, Robert Kennedy. Living through that time and remembering now is extremely painful.

Our heroes have fallen and we believe there are no new heroes on the horizon. However, think of the senators in Wisconsin who would not give up the fight for their rights and for the rights of others. They are heroes. They sparked a fire within the people of Wisconsin to fight for what they believe in for the common worker.

We are the new heroes. We must speak out and be heard for social justice and economic justice. We cannot sit by and not take action when we know the soul of the country is at stake. Even the smallest action can be meaningful. Those of us who go about our business every day think we cannot make a difference against those most powerful, but witness those whose lives are spent caring for others and are the true heroes of the day. You know them, they are in your lives, and they are and can be you.

Cathy Sewell

First Vice-Chair

Democratic Party of DuPage County