Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Zlotow's Take: Roskam should withdraw from Benghazi committee

My Illinois Sixth District Congressman Peter Roskam should withdraw from the House GOP committee to hold another hearing, the 14th so far, to investigate the Benghazi terrorist attack of September, 2012. The GOP's transparent use of the tragedy that killed four Americans was evident as the political stunt it is by virtue of immediate GOP efforts to fundraise off the Benghazi issue. After spending five years voting against and spreading lies and scare tactics to derail the Affordable Care Act, and two years promoting a false campaign to demonize the IRS, the GOP is left with endless and meaningless Benghazi nonsense to slander the Obama administration and their likely 2016 candidate. Concerned Sixth District voters want Congressman Roskam to support administration job creation programs rebuilding American infrastructure, developing renewable energy and re-vitalizing education. They want Roskam to support extension of unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed, to both cushion the devastating effects of the 2008 recession and inject billions of dollars into the economy. They want the Congressman to support a raise in the minimum wage to the millions of folks working longer hours than most congressmen, not for a fabulous salary and benefits package, but for poverty wages. They want Roskam to stop supporting military adventurism in far away places like Afghanistan, Ukraine, Africa, Iran, and any other place that meets the war party's fancy.   

The People want Roskam to do their work, not the Party's work. The upcoming Benghazi hearings will be a sham and a disgrace. They will not burnish the Congressman's image for good governance. They will simply be another excuse to avoid moving the district and the nation's critical agenda forward. They may be Roskam's ticket to move up from No. 4 in the GOP House leadership to No. 3, but sadly, at his constituents' expense.

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