Sunday, May 25, 2014

Returning Equality to the Campaign Finance Debate

By Victoria Bassetti, Brennan Center for Justice | Op-Ed
April showers bring May flowers? April brought us a throwdown between two Supreme Court Justices over campaign finance laws. But May brought us what seems to be a commitment to a Senate vote this summer on a constitutional amendment to address the tidal wave of money threatening to swamp our political process.
April dawned with Chief Justice Roberts decision in McCutcheon v. FEC, which yanked the rug out from under another plank of our current campaign finance system. And it ended with retired Justice John Paul Stevens publicly taking on Roberts for a jurisprudence that is “quite wrong” in his testimonybefore the Senate and in a variety of public appearances promoting his new book.
Largely lost in the April media shuffle around Stevens’ appearance: Senator Charles Schumer’s announcement that the Senate would vote this year on a campaign finance constitutional amendment.
After two weeks of silence on the matter, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid Friday announced ....Read More:


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