Thursday, April 3, 2014

Don't let them tell you otherwise

The following sponsored message from Democratic Congressional Campaign Committeehas been sent to you via Mother Jones.
The Affordable Care Act CRUSHED its first major enrollment deadline!

As of Monday, 7.1 million Americans are now signed up for affordable, quality private health insurance through the law!!!
It wasn't easy. President Obama's faced unprecedented obstruction from Republicans. But he kept on fighting to make this historic day a possibility.
For that, we want to say thanks:

Republicans have spent more than 4 years going all out to wreck the Affordable Care Act. In their callous political calculations, they simply didn't care they were hurting American families in the process.
But they failed.
The ACA is the law of the land, and its success becomes clearer and clearer with each day. 
So if you want to thank President Obama for standing up for us, today's the day to do it!
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