Friday, April 18, 2014

Chairman Peickert wins fourth term with 61% of the vote

DPDC Election of Officers - Bob Peickert won re-election for his 4th term as chair of the Democratic Party of DuPage County. Also elected was Rose Fitzpatrick for 1st Vice-Chair and Bob Jeffers for Treasurer. Peickert was challenged by Bill Habel, Naperville precinct committeeman. 

In an interview on Thursday, Peickert said, "Bill Habel is a Democrat and I'm sure that he will step up and work with the elected leaders and help elect Democrats in 2014." Peickert added, "I'm extremely optimistic about the future of the Democratic Party of DuPage County. I look forward to working with everyone during these next 2 years. I expect those who voted for Bill will also unite behind our county team of leaders and help continue the progress that we've made these past 6 years. Certainly there is plenty to be done with the county board, county-wide and state races and every bit of that teamwork paves the way for another incredible set of wins in 2014/2016. It won't be long at all before DuPage actually does turn blue."

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