Tuesday, December 10, 2013

OFA is looking for Spring Fellows - know anybody?

Organizing for Action

OFA is looking for enthusiastic, dedicated folks to join our Spring Fellows program and get trained to be a lasting voice for change in their community.

You probably know someone who is perfect for this opportunity -- you might even consider it for yourself.

Applying to be one of next year's Spring Fellows starts here -- please pass this link on to encourage someone you know to apply.

Join the next generation of organizers. Apply to be an OFA Spring Fellow.

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This program is about training the next generation of organizers, and giving folks the tools they need to be effective leaders.

Spring Fellows will help grow the local OFA chapters and continue to fight for the agenda Americans voted for in 2012. You'll be on the front lines of our issue advocacy -- working on pressing issues like health care reform, climate change, comprehensive immigration reform, LGBT rights, women's rights, gun violence prevention, and strengthening the middle class.

This is a unique opportunity to pick up top-notch organizing skills, and make invaluable personal and professional connections.

The program runs from early February through April, and the deadline to apply is Sunday, January 12th.

Get started on an application now -- or encourage a friend to apply to be a Spring Fellow:




Sara El-Amine
National Organizing Director
Organizing for Action

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