Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Give a small holiday boost to help WORKING FAMILIES enroll folks in ACA?

DuPage Dems,
Let's be real: the Obamacare roll-out was rough. The website was down and right-wing pundits were having a field day. Tea Party members of Congress actually forced a government shutdown to derail it. But now, we've turned a corner.

Two months ago, we told you about our plan to make Obamacare real: we were going to knock on 100,000 doors in low-income communities and help uninsured people sign up for high quality, low cost coverage. I'm excited to report that we beat our goal -- by the end of last week we hit 134,057 doors -- so now, we're shooting for 200,000 doors.
Will you keep the campaign going with $3? Click here to make a contribution to help thousands more get access to affordable healthcare.

The Tea Party threw everything they had at stopping the Affordable Care Act, but it hasn't worked. And now that the website is up and running, nationally over 1 million people have enrolled. [1]
This scares the pants off right-wing Republicans because it's become clear they're on the wrong side of history. Rather than expand healthcare coverage to families who need it, Tea Party Republicans chose instead to play politics, hoping to sabotage the plan altogether and score a win over President Obama. But their attempts to repeal Obamacare failed. And when they caused a government shutdown, it put the economy in jeopardy and alienated voters -- even Republican voters.

And here's one more reason Republicans are trembling over Obamacare: one of the lesser known aspects of the law is that it allows states to go above and beyond. Vermont is already moving toward implementing a single-payer Medicare-for-All style system that would cut insurance CEOs out altogether.

So here's our plan: we're going to continue working to sign folks up for Obamacare so that families have access to the healthcare coverage they deserve. Then, we're going to fight to make the system even better. Can you help us to keep up the good work?

Click here to give $3 to help us knock 200,000 doors to help enroll more people under the Affordable Care Act.


Mike Boland
Working Families

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