Wednesday, November 27, 2013

6 VITAL Holiday Tips for Maintaining Sanity

1. Realize that relationships are a mirror of where you are in your consciousness.  The higher you grow in your wisdom, the more people reflect back something beautiful.

2. Use a new tool like “expressing boundaries” or any other personal growth tools carefully. Well expressed boundaries are presented with courage, clarity, conviction and compassion.

3. Prepare yourself in advance of holiday events by going through the steps of forgiveness.  If you harbor resentment from the past for someone you'll be visiting, chances are they will get the message loud and clear...and will not hesitate to return the ‘favor.’ Randy Ferguson's on tool of the month, Releasing Resentment...perfect for the holidays.

4. Try not to be overly sensitive.  When we get upset, there’s usually an old sore spot in us getting triggered.  This tender area will be specific words that reactivate hurt from the past...words like failure, not good enough, stupid, not worth loving, disappointment, etc.  Now this sounds odd, but if you can truly allow those sore spots to be there...if you can allow yourself to be have “flaws” and laugh at them, those old sore spots lose their power in a big way.  Then when Uncle Ernie asks why you can’t keep a relationship, you can smile and say, “’s because I’m a total social misfit.  Please pass the potatoes.”   
5. Focus on what’s good about everyone and let them know.  There’s something special about every single person on the planet if you look for it.  When you can see beneath peoples’ hurt and dysfunction...when you can see that part of them that yearns to love and be loved, you move into a place of mastery in your communications.

6.  Feel gratitude when you see that you are surrounded by abundance and ridiculously blessed with opportunities.  Laugh hard from the belly and have the best holiday season of your life. 

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