Friday, September 6, 2013

Sandy wants to know what YOU are interested in. Comment to the Lighthouse.

When I first joined the our Blogspot team I wanted to bring to you important and exciting local news items. I was able to do this with the help of our friend Paul Sjordal. He has a phenomenal in-depth newsletter that I have the privilege to research from. I veered from my original path and I would like to get back on it. I am very interested in what YOU are interested in. If you have ideas that I can include, it can even a particular subject, PLEASE go to “Link to Comments” below. They are read. I would like to get a dialogue going from all sides. There is so much going on worldwide, nationally and locally – I know you have a thought or an opinion...
How do you feel about this? Please leave your comments below – we would like to hear your thoughts...
DuPage County Board passes ethics revision allowing larger campaign donations
US lawmaker Duckworth opposes Syria intervention
A DuPage County judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging the opening of an Aurora Planned Parenthood facility.
After years of preparation and fundraising, organizers spearheading plans for the Sensory Playground Garden in Wheaton say they'll be ready to begin construction next month on the first phase of the $2.2 million project.  The playground is being designed to create a barrier-free, universally designed outdoor play-space that can be enjoyed by all children, regardless of disability or impairment.
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