Sunday, September 15, 2013

Alan Grayson attends Syria Vigil. Hope for a new way lives.

Rep. Alan Grayson attended our Syria vigil.
Progressives rally against bombing Syria
DuPage County,
Public pressure worked. President Barack Obama addressed the nation last week and said he'll delay a congressional vote on bombing Syria in order to pursue diplomacy.
In the last week, over 73,000 PCCC members took action on this issue -- flooding Congress with phone calls, attending over 100 local vigils, and generating dozens of media stories from the Washington Post to MSNBC.
Last night brought great news, but this fight is nowhere close to over.
Politico reports, "A powerful group of senators is quietly drafting a new proposal" to give the White House power now to drop bombs later if this specific diplomatic option does not work.
We must continue pressuring Congress to let diplomacy work and oppose bombing Syria. Click here to stay in the loop with our Syria activism.
(Or, opt out of Syria emails here.)
Giving the White House a blank check to drop bombs and end diplomacy is a bad idea.
War must be a last resort -- not a second resort. And the last few days proved that new diplomatic options can be found and pursued.
For now, will of the public prevailed -- and together, we impacted history.
Click here to stay in the loop with our Syria activism. (Or, opt out here.)
Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Amanda Johnson, PCCC Campaign Director

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