Monday, September 23, 2013

Oh SNAP, how can I feed my family now? Some tips for a tight food budget. Part 1

Excerpted from the article “Good Food on  Tight Budget” by Kathleen Barnes in Natural Awakenings magazine.

Many folks have been hurt in the economic downtown and many families have seen reductions in the amount of food dollars they have to live a nutritious life. The Environmental Working Group has an online publication with the same title as this article and Nutritionist Dawn Undurraga has some suggestions on how you can eat healthy, high-nutrient,  low-pesticide, natural foods on fewer dollars.

Raw cabbage is a fantastic option with its cruciferous qualities and low price. It is a great addition to soups, salads and stir-fries.

Also priced well for their high nutritional value are carrots, bananas, pears in season, watermelon and frozen broccoli each at less than 30 cents a serving. (Bananas and pears customarily endure fewer pesticide applications than apples and are slightly cheaper.)

Best animal protein: Roasted turkey; next is chicken. Roast at the beginning of the week and use for future meals as well.

A serving of oatmeal is half the cost of sugary cereals and keeps you from having the blood sugar crash in mid morning.

Queso blanco a mild, soft, white cheese common in Latino cooking is both less expensive and less processed than many other cheeses.

Try some new recipes with these foods this week and write to us to let us know what  delicious, nutritious, inexpensive fare you created.

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