Friday, February 15, 2013

Gun Control Message Goes Mainstream...VOGUE!

It's impossible not to see the clear message that is being passed between this couple. "Damn, I am SOOO glad you are alive, that you are sitting here with me today, that we still have a life to spend together even if it is not quite as we had planned. So damn glad."

Most people who face gun rabid violence like Congresswoman Giffords did NEVER get to say this to a loved one again. The second amendment came AFTER the declaration of our independence as a free nation whose solid trajectory was rooted in LIFE, LIBERTY TO LIVE THAT LIFE and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS IN THAT LIFE. You don't need an automatic, semi or otherwise, weapon to pursue anything but ending someone else's pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.


It's a precedence issue from a legal perspective and its a purely rational issue from any other.

Let's at least start there.

For the Yahoo article about Giffords and Kelly click here
For the Vogue article, pick up the March issue

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