Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ahmed Sayyed For York Township Supervisor

By Ahmed Sayyad

I am running to be the next York Township Supervisor. Please vote for me on April 9, 2013.

York Township is governed by an “Old boys” network. They have been in power for far too long. There isn’t a single ethnic or minority on their management team. Their salaries have ballooned, their contributions stagnated. Recently, York Township was given the lowest possible transparency rating by the Illinois Policy Institute. The citizens of York Township deserve better. It is time to give York Township back to its citizens.

Given the recent victories of Senator Tom Cullerton and Representative Deborah Conroy there is a new sense of real optimism in this area.

Township government, the oldest form of government, serves our most vulnerable citizens, the youth and seniors. When elected, I will push for transparency by fighting corruption and waste. I will bring openness in all bidding functions, expand youth activities, enhance senior programs, and explore initiatives for our veterans. I promise to be a transitional voice for the challenges that face township government in the future. I will transform township government through streamlining services and eliminating redundancies.

As an Oakbrook Terrace Alderman and a longtime resident I understand the needs and concerns of the citizens of York Township. I have seen firsthand the importance of integrity within township government. I have a background in finance and consequently the discipline to save taxpayers money.

For more information email me at

Please vote for me on April 9, 2013.

Your support will make this battle easier.

Please donate generously to:

“Friends of Ahmed Sayyed”

 P.O. Box 6057,

 Villa Park, IL 60181

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