Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cathy Sewell for York Township Trustee

My name is Cathy Sewell and I am running for York Township trustee. Vote for me on April 9th! But wait, Why should you?

The time seemed ripe for me to run again in DuPage County. I ran for County Board in 2010, got 41% of the vote. Democrats won big in 2012. My love of politics and Democratic values were in my mind when I said "yes" to the nominating committee to run for the York Township trustee position. York Township is big, dynamic and changing in demographics. Who can fill the needs of the under served, the elderly, and the youth of this area? I looked for info on York Twp and found it to be very scant. How were taxpayer property tax dollars being used? Couldn't tell by the web site. Researching did not help dispel what I feared was a lackluster job being done at all levels.

With my business background, and successful career as an executive, my focus will be on 2 things: Transparency and Accountability. The vehicle for this will be COMMUNICATION. As a resident of Villa Park for 36 years, I know that most residents don't know about the services of the township. That needs to change. In addition, what services are duplicated by the County? Where are the efficiencies that a fresh look could help make and will save taxpayer dollars? DuPage County deserves better. We can win with your support on April 9th!

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