Thursday, May 24, 2012

Will we love everything he does?

None of us can take Barack Obama's re-election for granted. Last week, I was at a trade show in Las Vegas where they highlighted a statement by Barack Obama which they regarded as a slam on travel agents. YET, the rest of the conference was a cheerleading session for the fact that, in every sector--hotels, airlines, cruise packages etc--the economy is unquestionably on the rise. Gee, I wonder why it fell in the years previous and DUH, I wonder why it's improving noticeably.

The reason is the policies of Barack Obama and he needs our help so that he can take his last term and continue the work he has begun. We will love everything he does? Probably not. Do we want this positive economic and social trajectory to be radically blasted backward...NO!

If you agree, please, we need you. We need you to work your block, your neighborhood or your whole precinct. Please write to today and give us your contact info so we can determine where you live and how to get you on board today.

Amy Rohrer,
Executive Director, DPDC

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