Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WHAT COULD BE BETTER THAN: Getting Mom American Made Treats for Mother's Day!


As the story goes, when American soldiers serving in WWII were asked why they were fighting, they’d answer, “For America, mom and apple pie.”

This Mother’s Day, ADA and Working Families Win ask you to join us in paying homage to America, mom and apple pie by investing in an All-American Mother's Day!

As you are out shopping for mom, simply take a few minutes to check the tag, flip over the card or ask your local merchant where his/her products were produced. This simple action supports American business and helps invest in the American middle class.

If you can't find any American made products at those big-box chains, try local merchants instead. Still no luck? Below are links to merchants who have made it a priority to Invest in America by keeping their products American made and keeping jobs in the U.S.A. 
Click here and here to find American Made Greeting Cards.
Click here and here to find American Grown Flowers.
Click here and here to find American Manufactured Jewelry.

ADA's Working Families Win Buy American project is a part of a larger Invest in America campaign aimed at encouraging personal, political and corporate action to rebuild America's middle class.
Stay active with the Invest in America campaign by joining us at ADA's 63rd Convention in Chicago!  You can also visit the WFW webpage or Facebook page to stay updated on more Buy American opportunities. 

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