Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ways to Honor Vets

We took a little blogging break over the weekend to quietly honor not only the service of our fellow citizens in the military but to allow a small caesura in all the rhetoric that seems to get ramped up around this holiday. There are so many ways that we each give service, all as expressions of who we are and what our gifts require of us.
Certainly many of you reading this know that I came to politics through my activism against our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. And, like me, many others amongst us stuck their necks out (especially dicey as support for Bush's wars increased in DuPage)and risked accusations of disloyalty. It takes courage to stand in that line of fire as well.
As we begin this new summer season and head into the election run-up, I hope we can remember that, though our Democratic colleagues may do honorable service in myriad ways, we are all on the same team. I feel we best honor our veterans, our servicemen/women who will not be returning and our citizens serving now both overseas and here at home by being respectful to one another and aiming for the highest integrity in all of our public interactions. We are always remembered by the last act someone witnesses...what kind of impression do you, especially as a DuPage Demo rat,wish to leave in your wake? Amy Rohrer Opinions expressed in personally signed blogposts are solely those of the author and not necessarily a reflection of the policies of the DPDC.

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