Friday, May 11, 2012

Illinois Republicans circumvent campaign contribution limits

Take a look at this article by Doug Ibendahl on how Republicans are passing money from local county organizations to the Illinois Republican Party. By giving money to smaller organizations at the local and county levels, Republicans are circumventing Illinois campaign contribution limits. 

As Democrats, we fight for campaign finance reform because we know the influence that money and big business have on our elections. A fair election means a transparent election and what the Republican Party of Illinois has done here is just the opposite. Campaign limits are important because they level the playing field for candidates and for parties.  Regulating the money that goes into elections allows voters to decide based on the issues and the candidate.  It means that you can't simply cater to the wealthiest voters in America and be bankrolled indefinitely.

Let's make our elections truly fair and stop these practices.

Brenna Conway
Associate Executive Director

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