Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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Pat Quinn

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Statement from Governor Quinn on End of 2014 Legislative Session

Governor Pat Quinn released the following statement on May 31 regarding the end of the 2014 legislative session:
“With unemployment today at its lowest point since 2008, Illinois is making an economic comeback.
“This legislative session we accomplished several important bills that will strengthen that comeback by building and protecting the middle class, while benefitting working families.
“We’re launching a new highway construction and road repair program that will put thousands of people back to work. We passed legislation to improve our Clean Water Initiative, which will put more people back to work with projects repairing and improving water infrastructure across the state.
“And we passed a bill that builds on our progress in building a greener economy by increasing the use of solar energy by consumers, driving down energy costs and creating hundreds of new jobs.
“Together we passed a landmark bill that will prevent discrimination in the workplace against women who are pregnant. And we continued the state’s commitment to implementing the Affordable Care Act, which has resulted in 546,000 more people having health insurance in Illinois today who did not have it one year ago.
“We also passed legislation to reform grant procedures and strengthen oversight to make state grantees more accountable than ever and make Illinois a leader in grant accountability.
“Democracy is always strongest when people have the opportunity to make their voices heard. That’s why it’s good for voters to get a chance to speak on important topics like raising the minimum wage, tax fairness and ensuring women have access to birth control.
“While we have much more work to do on the budget, I thank members of General Assembly for their work on these many issues during the legislative session. Let’s keep Illinois moving forward.”

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