Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Better Illinois is a movement we need to get behind because they have our backs.

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The current way of doing things in Illinois is simply not working.
We all know it.  We read about, we live it.
Every day.
Our long-term fiscal health is unsustainable.  Illinois cannot pay its bills.  
The middle class and small business owners suffer because our tax system stifles economic expansion.  People struggle to find good jobs, with employment growth in Illinois lagging behind the national average as the country climbs out of recession.
Nearly every day seems to bring bad news about harmful cuts—to public school funding, police and public safety, community colleges and universities, health services and more, with additional cuts on the horizon.
Why is this happening?  In part because Illinois politicians have had the wrong priorities-- continuing to pay for years of government mismanagement and waste, like expensive loopholes for rich corporations and corporate CEOs-- rather than protecting priorities like schools, public safety and health care.
It’s time for a new approach.
It’s time for a government with more accountability and less waste.
It’s time for A Better Illinois.


The tax system in Illinois is broken and needs to be fixed.  Too often, rich people and big corporations avoid paying their fair share.
The middle class pays about twice the rate that the rich pay in Illinois taxes—while Main Street small business owners who create millions of Illinois jobs pay a higher tax rate than big corporations and CEOs that use loopholes to avoid paying their fair share.
In fact, under our current system, small business owners get hit twice; once, because of the READ MORE

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