Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Thank you, Bill Foster; giving Credit when due!

DuPage County... Can you sign our card thanking Rep. Bill Foster for standing firm during the shutdown? Click here to sign.
Thanks -- Amanda

Rep. Bill Foster is standing united with his colleagues to stare down Tea Party extremists during the shutdown.

Last week, Paul Ryan announced the budget "deal" he will push as House Budget Chair -- cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits. 
Unfortunately, the White House proposed Social Security cuts in their own budget, and there will likely be pressure on Democrats in Congress to go along.
Cutting Social Security or Medicare benefits would hurt seniors and veterans throughout Illinois. It would also be political suicide for Democrats just as taking back the House has come within reach.
Bill Foster deserves to know his constituents thank him for standing firm during the shutdown -- and will stand with him in opposing Paul Ryan's "deal" to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Thanks for being a bold progressive.
-- Amanda Johnson, PCCC Campaign Director

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