Thursday, October 10, 2013

HUFF POST Reports: Tea Party In Grave Danger Of Losing House. Can you help a Progressive candidate win?

Huff Post headlineHUFFINGTON POST REPORTS: "GOP In Grave Danger Of Losing House In 2014, PPP Polls Show"
Today, new polling shows that the shutdown has made 19 Republican seats vulnerable. 17 are needed to take back the House!
Can you donate $3 to help us recruit and support bold progressive candidates in these districts in 2014? Click here.
Last cycle, we won over 30 big victories -- including electing Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alan Grayson.
One person we did not defeat was Tea Party Rep. Mike Coffman in Colorado. Today, his approval is 31%, his disapproval is 47%, and he has a progressive challenger!
In many other districts, there is not yet a Democratic candidate. We will be working to recruit bold progressive candidates who can win on a populist message.

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