Monday, November 26, 2012

Show Your Support for Christopher Phillips on Dec. 20th!

Please see the following email from the DuPage County NAACP branch of which, I am a member. Until members of our branch and others concerned with justice being served in this case appeared in court to support Christopher Phillips, the states attorney did not put forth an effort to bring a conviction to the three defendants who attacked Mr. Phillips. Being among those attending the proceedings, I can tell you our presence has made a significant impact on the outcome of the prosecution’s efforts.

If you are in the Chicago-land area, please consider appearing in the courtroom on December 20th to show support for Christopher Phillips. If you are not in the area but have contacts who are, please forward this invitation to them. We are not protesting or marching, we are simply appearing in the courtroom as a diverse group of attendees, witnessing the judicial process. If you have inhibitions concerning attending, consider how you would feel if this type of thing happened to you or to one of your loved ones. I think we would all welcome the efforts of the NAACP to change the outcome of the prosecution’s efforts. Please see the email below for the details.

You can also visit for the story by ABC News back in August 2011 when the incident took place. Thanx for your help.

Michael Childress

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