Sunday, November 4, 2012

Republicans Are Mathematically Impossible!

By Dale Bowling

Good news Democrats! We don't have to worry because Republicans are mathematically impossible!
They must be a hoax.

I'm been thinking about this and I've concluded that if math really exists and humans are rational
beings, then Republicans can't possibly really exist.

They might be a fraternity prank.

You see Republican ideas about economics are so laughably absurd that it's impossible that they really could exist. I'm waiting for the folks who engineered all this to jump out and say, "Just kidding!"

Let's take the Romney tax plan that says they can cut everyone's taxes by 20%, eliminate capital gains
tax and the estate tax altogether, and not add to the Deficit or touch middle-class deductions for
mortgage interest, medical expenses or the child tax credit.

They really had me going there because I totally thought they were serious for awhile.

They had me. But then I realized that no sane adult could believe that, so is it must be a joke.

Also, there's no way they could think that the ideas that got us into the financial crisis are preferable to ones that are getting America out of this mess. Because joke's on you- their ideas are the same now as they were then - low taxes for millionaires and billionaires and minimal regulation for businesses.

We've seen a steady climb out of the hole following the premise that if you want a different result from the Bush Recession, try something different. But "Republicans" (I've figured out the joke, you might as well stop) want us to believe that an unsupervised private sector will clear this whole thing up. HA! Like it did in 2008!

Stop, my spleen might burst!

OK- you Guys (and you are mostly guys) can stop now. We've figured it out. You don't have to continue.

Continuing this cruel joke will only hurt America further. If Americans take you seriously and vote for your candidates, we could go back to the same policies that brought us into this mess. We could
damage the social safety net so that if you're unlucky or old, you're in real danger of falling into
poverty. We could have a volatile economy that benefits the Wealthy and hurts everyone else. Lives
will be wrecked from such a ruthless set of policies based on phony math.

Please stop! 

Since this isn't funny anymore, we need to vote Democrat this Tuesday.

Do your patriotic duty and find where your polling place is right now. Then plan your day on Tuesday and figure out a time where you can go and vote for the Democrats. You won't regret it.

We don't want the joke to be on America come Nov. 7.


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