Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Shared Sacrifice for our Country used to be called Patriotism. Now it’s called Class Warfare.

By Dale Bowling


Any school kid can tell you that patriotism is the love of your country.

Patriots do what is best for their country. They perform the duties their country asks of them.

Our country only asks two things from most of us 1) Pay our taxes 2) Show up for jury duty when called. These used to be called civic duties and patriots used to do them without complaint.

Patriots want a nation where America’s children can be safe, healthy and well-educated, where they can have opportunities to better themselves and pursue their dreams.

We can't have safe communities without firefighters and police officers.

America can't flourish if Americans don't have access to routine health care.

Our children can't achieve the promise of America without teachers, libraries and schools to help them realize their potential.

We can't create opportunities if our roads and bridges fall into ruin. Or if college education remains out of reach for most young Americans.

And we can’t leave a healthy America when environmental degradation threatens future generations of Americans.

All these things require Americans to sacrifice for America. Taxes are a sacrifice we all make, but are also an investment in the dream we share for America.

The richest 10% of Americans control 2/3 of the country’s wealth. Americans favor raising taxes on top earners by a margin of 2-to-1.

Top earners in America can literally afford more patriotism than the rest of us, which is why it is so distressing for most Americans to see a presidential candidate who earned $13.6 million pay a smaller percentage in taxes than most middle-class taxpayers. He also wants to lower his and other top earners' taxes further.

Democrats will see that all Americans contribute their fair share so that America can fulfill its promise to future generations. Vote Democrat on November 6.






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