Thursday, September 20, 2012

Obama beat Bush at Job Creation

By Dale Bowling

The Republicans are saying that Obama hasn’t created any jobs and as usual they’re wrong. In fact, as CNN reported, Obama has created more jobs in 4 years than Bush did in 8 years.

“Stimulus” has become a bad word and so the Obama campaign isn’t talking about it, but a majority of economists agree that millions of jobs were created by the Stimulus and it reversed the economy’s slide into a second Great Depression. No Republican in Congress voted for the Stimulus. Zero.  It passed because before 2010 enough Democrats were in Congress to get good legislation through without GOP obstruction.

The US Economy had lost 2.6 million jobs since December 2007 under Bush’s watch. Over the last three months of the Bush Administration the US averaged a half million jobs lost/month. The economy seemed to be in freefall.

The US continued to shed jobs for the first few months of the Obama administration before any of new initiatives could take effect. By this time, the US Economy was well over 5 million jobs in the hole.

In 2004 John Kerry continued to hit Bush over the fact the US still had fewer jobs than when he took office in 2000. At that point, he hadn’t created a single job and things got worse for him with the Great Recession.

This is from CNN: “There are 261,000 fewer employees on payrolls today than when Obama took office. But at the same point of the Bush administration, the jobs deficit stood at 856,000 jobs...”  Bush had had 4 years to fix this and hadn’t.

Yes, there are fewer jobs now than when Obama took office. Obama came in with a huge hole, left for him to fill. It’s easier to wreck an economy than fix it.

Like President Clinton said of Republican philosophy, “We left him [Obama] a total mess, he hasn’t finished cleaning it up yet, so fire him and put us back in.’” America deserves better.

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  1. And just think of what Obama could have done in the last 4 years if the Republicans hadn't been fighting him every inch of the way.