Friday, September 28, 2012

Re-Elect President John McCain?

By: Dale Bowling

If McCain had been elected instead of Obama, today’s news might look something like this…


“September 28, 2012

It’s been a tough week for President John McCain as polls show him trailing his Democratic challenger by a substantial margin.

The McCain campaign has suffered from a long series of bad news on the job front. Last month’s figures show unemployment at 10.8%- virtually unchanged since late last year. Critics say two rounds of stimulus in the form of business tax amnesties failed to create jobs due to depressed consumer spending. One business owner in the Chicago suburb of Wheaton said, “It’s great not to pay taxes, but nobody’s buying anything. Everyone’s holding onto their money and waiting to see what happens. Why hire someone when no business comes through your door?”

McCain ran on his national security credentials, but lack of success in the hunt for Osama bin Laden has also hampered the McCain campaign’s attempt to gain traction. “We are working with our allies in Pakistan and elsewhere to find and bring bin Laden to justice.” said President McCain.

Democrats have hammered President McCain for failure to pass meaningful health care reform. The Great Recession has accelerated the trend of employers refusing to offer health care to workers and the unemployed have greatly reduced access to routine medical care. Critics say that health care costs continue to rise as a result of emergency care taking the place of primary care and this can only be addressed by comprehensive medical reform. “I have spoken to the heads of the six largest insurance companies in the country and they have assured me they are doing everything they can do to expand access to and bring down the costs of medical care.” said McCain.

Former Vice-President Sarah Palin, who is on location for her FOX reality show, “When Mama Grizzlies Attack”, could not be reached for comment.”



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