Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Take Down these Tea Partiers

Our democracy is in jeopardy. Witness what the radical right justices of the Supreme Court ruled regarding Citizens United. Witness the November 2010 elections where the tea party supporters fueled by this action enabled our democracy to be at risk through the elections of tea party legislators who have blocked and obstructed the President's agenda in the jobs bill, raising the debt ceiling, extending unemployment benefits, and putting our safety net legislation on the table.
Go to to support the SuperPac of grassroots action to ensure the tea party candidates elected in 2010 are no longer a force within our democracy.  Donate and contribute your time to unseat those who would obstruct  and tear down the very foundation that made this country great; where we stand together to help support the least of us and  those who cannot support themselves.

Submitted by First Vice Chair Cathy Sewell

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