Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Incredible article on the 2012 Gala. $1000 raffle winners!

 Please take a moment to read this incredible article by Suresh Bodiwala in the Trib Local. Also, new photos from the Gala will be posted on the front of our DPDC Website and on our Flickr feed over the next few days! A great set of Gala photos by Mark Padolina is already available on Facebook (sign up for Facebook if you haven't already and "Like" us at Democratic Party of DuPage County!
Winners of the $1000 Raffle this year
$50 - Eraj Ahmed
         Janice Rinehart
         Leslie Coolidge
         Bonnie Gahris
         Laurie Nowak
         Robert Lipa
         Paul Fessenbecker
         Jay Mitchell
         Larry Pitts
         Jim Hagerty
         Derek Bagley
         Janice Beckman
$250 - Chris Sikora - Thank you so much Chris for donating your winnings back to the DPDC
$500 -    Kevin Phillips
$1,000 - Rafael Monsivais
CONGRATULATIONS and Thank you for participating!

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