Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Naperville Progressive Ballot Guide

Share your choices for the election on March 20 in Naperville in our new Progressive Ballot Guide for local elections. And if you're undecided in some races, see who other progressives are voting for!

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Dear Illinois MoveOn member,
There's an election coming up on March 20 in Naperville—do you know who you're voting for?
For big-ticket races, the answer may be yes, but in a down-ballot or nonpartisan race, many people may know little about the candidates, or it may be difficult to tell who the progressive candidate is.
That's why we've built a Progressive Ballot Guide that lets MoveOn members and other local progressives educate each other about the candidates in a race.
The concept is simple: If you are planning to vote for a specific candidate, let us know. If you're still undecided, that's fine too—you can use the ballot guide to see the reasons why other progressives voted the way they did.
Even if you have no idea who you're voting for in any race, or have an opinion in one or two races, you should still check out the ballot guide. After you vote, you'll be able to see other progressives' thoughts on the candidates running for office in your area.
A local official can influence policy much more directly than Congress or the president. Tea party Republicans know this, and they've been making focused efforts to win state and local elections so they can further their radical agenda.
That's why it's so important to make sure progressive voters know the facts when they go to vote. And that's why we're making a ballot guide, created by local folks, to help get that information out. We'll send out the completed guide, compiling all the recommendations we receive, in a few days. But to get started, we need to hear from you.
Can you tell us what progressives you support?
Thanks for all you do.
–Milan, Adam R., Garlin, Stephen, and the rest of the team
P.S. If you notice anything incorrect with the Ballot Guide or are having any technical difficulties, please let us know at
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