Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thom Hartmann At DPDC Presidents' Day Gala: Make Your Reservation Today!

PRESIDENTS' DAY GALA, Saturday February 18, 2012

As we move forward in DuPage toward a bluer, and by that I mean, a more just, more people-centered governmental aegis, the Democratic Party of DuPage County has to keep humane ideas ever in the forefront.

I am proud to say that we will be doing that again this year by having as our guest speaker Thom Hartmann. A favorite of listeners to our local progressive station, WCPT, Thom (a man who actually has made it to the top 1% bracket) is a voice of distinct intelligence and reason supporting the rights and needs of the 99%. Please support our efforts at DPDC and hear a voice of compassion and reason who wrestles with the idiocy of the main stream media every day to bring the story behind the story.

Make your reservation for the DPDC Presidents' Day Gala today! Here's the link:

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