Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Resolution: Fight for Basic Needs for All

Sometimes we forget that the word "politics" is derived from the same root as the word "people". As we begin the new year, let's remember who the people are in our lives for whom we engage in our political work. People dear to us who need good jobs, quality education, equal opportunities and fairly-priced healthcare to have the best lives this great country can offer--that it promises to offer. Not just people, but our own children, nieces, brothers and grandparents, the person who serves us at the Jewel, the teacher who has taught pre-school in our community for 20 years, the autistic teenager who lives next door---all deserve the peace of knowing their basic needs are met and we need to commend ourselves for fighting for that.

All DPDC modes of communication will be back up and running January 9th. Until then, may blessings flow abundantly around you, and through you!

The Staff and Officers of the Democratic Party of DuPage County

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