Friday, January 6, 2012


Before we jump back into the business of
Electing More Democrats in 2012
than ever in DuPage History...

Let's take a few moments to assess our worlds and take care of ourselves first.

paraphrased from an article by Carolyn Blakeslee

1) Make a list of what you desire (then see # 3!)

2) Remember a situation of abundance when you felt rich, attractive, capable, amazed or appreciated and make a snapshot in your head to look at when things seems hard

3) Align with your passions-start by taking just 45 minutes a week to start learning about, planning or doing something you have ALWAYS dreamed of

4) Look Forward and create small things to look forward to whether a live music concert or a drive out to somewhere dark to see the winter stars

5) Streamline your life continually but constantly asking yourself, "Do I need this, do I love it, can I live without it?"

6) Spend time with positive people, those who juice up your energy

7) Select news sources carefully and set a time limit for viewing and ask others to help you keep it

8) Have that proverbial attitude of gratitude by setting aside time to recount your blessings at the end of each day and writing the top three down in a notebook

9) Express gratitude to others with words, cards or deeds as often as possible; set aside an hour a week designated just for that

10) SMILE (even when talking on the phone)

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