Tuesday, November 1, 2011

You Can Keep DuPage Non-Profits Healthy. Here's How.

Dear Friends,
Are you aware of the distressed state of not-for-profit service agencies in DuPage? I volunteer at several of these agencies; I can tell you it is getting really tough.

The DuPage Board strategy shifts the burden of service and cost to the non-profit community. The County gets to keep financial reserves high and excellent personal pay and pensions by cutting financial support to non-profits with no need to share the pain.

The Naperville Sun (link below) reported on increased demand and reduced resources for health services for our neediest friends and neighbors.  If we let Republicans win the Presidency, the Congress, and state and local offices, their recovery plan is to reduce funding for the least of those among us and protect the wealthy and corporations. Government is supposed to work for the common good. Their strategy doesn’t.

We need to insure Democrats win the 2012 elections, or DuPage could look like a third world country. We must fight for the progressive values we share.  The DuPage lifestyle that brought us here will become a memory if we do nothing. Be more active in the coming year.  Ask others to help. Invite them to Democrat meetings. Get involved in local races and volunteer to make phone calls and pass out literature. Be an advocate for the candidates you support.  Look for places to help.  Don’t wait for a phone call.  Our children’s future depends on it.

Thank you for your willingness to serve.

Tom Wendorf

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