Monday, November 28, 2011

Maggie Daley: In Memoriam by Robert Peickert

Too often do we fail to recognize or acknowledge the accomplishments of people until that person leaves us. For 22 years as the First Lady of the City of Chicago, Maggie Daley devoted her time and energy to the disadvantaged, the disabled and the less fortunate. From her work with after-school programs for kids in Chicago to her recent work with those who suffer from cancer, Maggie spent those 22 years as an individual who wanted to make a difference in the lives of those who needed help.

After a day of work, Maggie didn't go home to think of her accomplishments that day, she thought about what more needed to be done. She avoided having the spotlight on herself so that it could be focused on those who needed help. We may never know the poignant details of her life as a devoted wife, mother and grandmother but that was Maggie. That's the way she wanted it.

Thanks Maggie. Our thoughts and thanks go out to the Daley family for sharing Maggie with the rest of the fortunate world!

Robert Peickert
Chairman Democratic Party of DuPage County

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