Thursday, October 6, 2011

Redistricting maps for all to see!

Have you been wondering if your state representative has changed since Illinois redrew the district maps last spring?  Are you tired of trying to navigate the GIS map of the new district maps on the Illinois House Democrat webpage?  Well those days are over!  Now you can look up your address easily and conveniently on a new interactive map that shows the new State House, State Senate, and US Congressional districts.  Find out if anything has changed about your district, what communities are included in it and be more informed about who you'll see on your ballot next election season.

Keep in mind, there are still 3 lawsuits pending currently about these new maps.  So you'll have to stay tuned to make sure nothing changes.  But for now, this is your new district! Learn it! Love it!

Here's an article in the State-Journal Register about the new interactive map. And here's a direct link to the map itself.

Brenna Conway
Assoc. Executive Director

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