Thursday, October 13, 2011

DuPage Chairman Cronin Insinuates Election Commission Problematic

A "miscommunication” is being blamed for the DuPage Election Commission missing a deadline to submit information to the county about the way it operates. County Board Chairman Dan Cronin gave two dozen independent boards and commissions that he appoints until Friday, September 30 to submit copies of their budgets, ethics policies, personnel policies, bylaws and other documents. On Monday morning, October 3, Cronin issued a statement expressing his displeasure over the fact that the election commission and the North Westmont Fire Protection District both missed the deadline.

“We've asked for very basic information that should be readily available to anyone,” Cronin said. “Their failure to comply — or even respond to the request — raises more questions than it answers.” But by the afternoon, the election commission's Executive Director Bob Saar said the reason the information wasn't sent was a “miscommunication” with his staff before he went out of town. “They thought I wanted to review it,” Saar said. “I told them that I didn't. They will have it in to the chairman by the end of the day.” Saar said the election commission welcomes the review by Cronin, which was prompted by financial scandals involving the DuPage Housing Authority and the DuPage Water Commission.”

Read the article in the Daily Herald for more.

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director,

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