Monday, September 5, 2011

What does MLK have to do with Labor Day?

The MLK Memorial celebration scheduled for the weekend of August 27-28 was canceled due to Hurricane Irene sweeping through the DC area.

On thinking of Dr. King, it occurred to me that his last effort prior to his death, and the reason he was in Memphis, was to support workers and the unions. He was to give a speech to workers the evening he was assassinated in 1968.

Dr. King was the second hero of social justice to fall after President Kennedy, and two months later in June, Robert Kennedy. Living through that time and remembering now is extremely painful.

Our heroes have fallen and we believe there are no new heroes on the horizon. However, think of the senators in Wisconsin who would not give up the fight for their rights and for the rights of others. They are heroes. They sparked a fire within the people of Wisconsin to fight for what they believe in for the common worker.

We are the new heroes. We must speak out and be heard for social justice and economic justice. We cannot sit by and not take action when we know the soul of the country is at stake. Even the smallest action can be meaningful. Those of us who go about our business every day think we cannot make a difference against those most powerful, but witness those whose lives are spent caring for others and are the true heroes of the day. You know them, they are in your lives, and they are and can be you.

Cathy Sewell

First Vice-Chair

Democratic Party of DuPage County

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