Friday, September 16, 2011

Mr. Postman! Deliver this letter to Rick Perry!

By Walt Zlotow

Dear Gov. Perry,

I have been contributing a small portion of my earnings into Social Security since 1961. Even then, this 16-year-old understood Social Security was a savior to millions of Americans since 1935, when working people literally died from being destitute in a heartless society ravaged by the Great Depression. I realized that while I may not be that needy fifty years down the road, it was comforting to know that it would be there for me, my family, friends; indeed, all my follow workers.

After 50 years of contributing, I began receiving a monthly Social Security check that I know is secure until at least 2037, and on to forever with just a modest effort by wise leaders. It is tragic that you choose not to possess the wisdom to qualify as one of those potential leaders.

Governor, even though Uncle Sam is keeping score on how much I've contributed, I am not. If I drop dead tomorrow, recovering barely a pittance of what I've contributed, it concerns me not the least. My excess contributions will go toward benefiting all workers by keeping the system solvent. That is called protecting The Commons, a concept you apparently have been unable to grasp in all your 61 years.

You may double down on your ludicrous charge that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme all you want. It clearly demonstrates that while your last name is not Ponzi, your Presidential candidacy is merely a scheme . . .designed to take from the needy to further enrich the already rich.

Walt Zlotow of Glen Ellyn is the Precinct Coordinator for the Milton Township Democrats and a long time burr in Rep Peter Roskam's saddle. He can be reached at 630-858-3419.

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