Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DuPage Dems Attend Indo-American Democratic Organization Dinner

Sunday September 25th, members of the DPDC including the Chair, Bob Peickert, and the Executive Director, Amy Rohrer, attended the 32nd Annual Indo-American Democratic Organization Dinner at the North Shore Holiday Inn in Skokie.

This is the second year we have attended to honor the growing community of Indian and Pakistani Americans who have heard and heeded the Democratic message in DuPage and Chicago. We have an Indian-American candidate, Raja Krishnamoorthi, in the 8th Congressional District, which now falls largely in DuPage County and is a sure winner in the fall because the Republican opponent is an unknown entity. The district’s incumbent, Joe Walsh, has chosen to run in another district and has a Republican challenger there.

Please watch for more news and photos of this wonderful event in the e-blast at the end of the week.

Amy Rohrer
Executive Director
Democratic Party of DuPage

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