Monday, January 27, 2014

Laurie Nowak Speaks: Shining Light NFP and St. Mary's Church in West Chicago collaborate to bring a Heroin Awareness workshop

Did you know that more people are dying of drug overdose than car accidents in Du-Page? In 2013 overdose deaths were happening approximately every eight days. The time to prevent more deaths is NOW.
Shining Light seeks to develop self-reliant contributing members of society by providing educational and outreach services to individuals and families in the area. We break the cycle of poverty by taking a long-term, holistic approach with professional counseling and personal mentoring. Today, we offer workshops, classes, and support groups with a focus on: developing self-esteem, financial literacy, legal Q&A, nutrition, and job training. As part of our educational outreach, we have been hosting Heroin Awareness workshops in the area.
Therefore, I would like to thank DuPage County Board Member Laurie Nowak, Maria Oswald from Downers Grove Counseling, and READ MORE

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