Wednesday, January 8, 2014

GALA: 1974-2014 A Trajectory of Hope, a Legacy of Leadership

Join us Feb 22nd at the Carlisle in Lombard to CELEBRATE a 40 year trajectory--from 1974-2014--an arc that has finally bent back toward Democratic parity in DuPage. Many great folks have hung in there while we built and while the demographics and cartography shifted. Many new believers willing to put their shoulders to the wheel helped push through to electoral daylight.


United, let us CELEBRATE the rise of the Democratic Party in DuPage and our shared commitment to uplift the middle class and provide ladders to those trying to reach it for their families. 
As ONE PARTY OF HOPE, let us CELEBRATE one another's work to bring starting with the contributions of the late Tinker Harvey to our post-Nixon wins of 4 seats on the County Board to our 18 gains over the last two years.  


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