Saturday, August 24, 2013

SPEAK UP AGAINST County Board's Bad Idea. TONIGHT at 7 pm.

UPDATE: DuPage considers ethics revisions allowing bigger campaign donations (READ: Your tax dollars get funneled back into campaigns--MOSTLY Republicans'.)

 We don't need Board members getting more money from their political buddies who then get contracts with the county. If you agree, I urge you to give public comment against anything that weakens the ethics ordinance. If anything, the ordinance needs to be strengthened.)
Proposed revisions to DuPage County’s ethics law would allow county board members and the board chairman to accept more campaign donations from companies and consultants doing or seeking county government work. The county board next week is expected to vote on the changes, drafted by a subcommittee after DuPage’s ethics adviser found several issues with the existing ordinance. One revision the subcommittee is recommending is to have DuPage align its ethics law with state law when it comes to restrictions on campaign contributions.
More points that you could use to speak at the meeting: 
1) Curran's comments are not accurate. The board is not bound to accept the language of the state. They could have a smaller cap, as they have now, or publicly state that they will not accept contributions above the set amount. 
2) It could be argued that these are tax dollars going from the county to the contractor to the candidate. 
3) We need STRONGER ethics, not weaker ones. How does DuPage County's ethics ordinance compare with the City of Chicago's ethics ordinance? The mayor of Chicago cannot take contributions from vendors...PERIOD. 
4) The most important message is that MORE TIME is needed to review the proposed amendments before the Board takes a vote. I'm sure that other DuPage Dems have other good arguments to use. Please support our 3 Democrats on the board TONIGHT

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