Thursday, February 6, 2014

Many thanks to our Advertisers thus far in the Gala Program!

THANK YOU!! Ad deadline is just ahead. Please go here to pay for your space and send the ad copy to by February 10th! Thanks to the ad team who is still pounding the pavement (make it easier for them and let us know you will do an ad today?). To buy your tickets for the Gala go here!

Sheetmetal #73
Local 701 IBEW
The Last Detail
Addison Township Dems
Cement Masons 502
SMART 265 
Roofers Local 11
Senator Don Harmon
Jeffrey Sumber
Maureen and Elliott Spiegel
Carol Stream Holiday Inn
DuPage Building Trades
Moon Khan
IBEW 134
Pamela Miles
Arnold and Kadjan
Azam Nizimuddin
Bricklayers Council #1
Plumbers 130
Attorney General Lisa Madigan
Bloomingdale Township Democrats
Shannon Burns

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