Friday, January 18, 2013

Recommended Readings (And Other Media) for Thoughtful People

By Dale Bowling

One of the great things about the Democratic Party is that we are a party of many voices, many perspectives. Our diversity gives us strength; it makes us willing to see each other's points of view since we know we're all working toward the same goal - building a better, stronger, fairer America.

Our diversity also means that we truly represent the broad spectrum of America as a whole. We embrace all types of Americans and welcome them. Recently, I heard another DuPage Democrat say that the demographics have changed in DuPage County and we're the only party that has changed with them.

Well said, my friend. Well said.

Because Democrats have this openness, another great thing about our party is that Democrats aren't afraid to try something different. We're not the types who say, "we've never done it that way before so we shouldn't now".

So in the spirit of openness to new experience and the inclusion of many voices, the DPDC blog begins a new series, "Recommended Readings for Thoughtful People". This inaugural edition (appropriately enough) deals with what to expect in Obama's second term.

Remember that DuPage County went for Obama this past November and this was the first time ever that DuPage Co had voted to reelect a Democratic President.

The times they are a changin'.

Here are some readings/podcasts to check out.

NPR's Morning Edition asks if Obama's Second Term Agenda is ambitious enough. Definitely worth listening to.

This older article from WaPo tells it like it is about the limitations on Obama's second term agenda. A good companion to the above podcast of Morning Edition.

A article on what it considers the top three issues in Obama's Second Term.

The Brookings Institution, one of the few liberal think tanks, came up with a series of general foreign policy recommendations for Obama's second term. The map labelled with "black swans" and "big bets" is a very cool, interactive way to talk about potential foreign policy threats and opportunities.

Another good WaPo article. This one on the upside and downside of Obama's use of increased political leverage to shape his second term agenda.

Article on about how Obama's legacy is already set by First Term accomplishments. Interesting, but I don't know where that leaves us now.

From HuffPo. Good to see that energy and environmental issues are back on the agenda since the fate of the planet is kinda important.

And a glimmer of hope at the end of a long list of grim political realities...

Just in case it didn't go without saying, the opinions in these articles and certainly in the comment sections do not necessarily reflect the opinions of DPDC. Or me. Or you. The nice thing about ideas is you don't have to agree with them to think about them.

Since this is by no means exhaustive, feel free to put your own recommended readings in the comments section and tell us what you liked about that article.

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