Friday, December 7, 2012

Why We Won And Why We Will Continue To Win

By Dale Bowling

Democrats won big time in November. America re-elected President Obama, we expanded our majority in the U.S.Senate and received a million more votes for our candidates in the U.S. House of Representatives than the GOP. Just as importantly, we seriously improved our numbers in local and county government. Historically DuPage has been a tough nut to crack for Democrats, so this is quite an accomplishment on our part. The momentum is ours.

Why did we do so well? Democrats had a lot of advantages and Republicans had a lot of disadvantages true, but there is one reason above all others that explains this victory.

America trusts the Democrats. It's really not a lot more complicated than that.

You see, Democrats have proven over and over again that we have America's back.

Who picked up the pieces from the Bush Recession and built a steady recovery? Democrats.

Who said they were going to push through Health Care Reform and actually did it? Democrats.

Who ended the war in Iraq and is winding down the war in Afghanistan, just like they said they would? Democrats.

Who has supported your rights over and over again, be they the right to marry who you want, or the right to earn as much as someone else doing the same work or the right to decide what to do with your own body? Democrats.

Who reformed Wall Street so the worst abuses in the last administration don't come back to haunt us? Again, the Democrats.

If you were the poll-reading type during the election when they asked the "trust" question, respondents said over and over again they trusted Democrats to reform the economy, protect and invest in America, and make America a stronger, better, fairer place for our children and their children.

For their part, Republicans always got high marks at protecting the interests of the wealthy.

And Democrats have shown in the current debate on the Fiscal Cliff that they are the grown-ups, that Democrats favor balanced approaches to fix America's problems and not just doubling down on failed polices America has firmly rejected- as their Republican colleagues continue to do.

Democrats will continue to win because Americans know that Democrats will fight for them.


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